Eschaton - Tv Series Concept & Design
Drama Series Concept
Eschaton (formerly known as Left Behind) is a tv show that I imagined. The inspiration for it was a nightmare that i saw one night. The title of show was the first thing i wrote down when i woke up. The show takes place after the rapture. It’s about people who are left behind on Earth, which is now hell, while all of their loved ones are gone to heaven. It’s a character drama where there is no god, no religion, no rules and no authority. I planed the series to go on for 5 seasons. I decided the cast members, wrote treatments for the most of the episodes and planned the finale. Until Damon Lindelof, producer of Lost, sold a similar concept with the title “Leftovers” to the HBO! But still i really want to make this series with a different point of view. I could say this series is a combination of mysteries of Lost, post apocalyptic atmosphere of Walking Dead and the philosophy of Battlestar Galactica.
The main characters are: A priest who announced his own religion and ruling since the god and all of his religions are gone. A conservative woman who dedicated her whole life to the god but now feeling abandoned because she’s left behind. A young girl who is now free of the pressure of her’s conservative family. An atheist who lost everyone he loves. A science woman that all her rights put to the test.
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