True Blood - The Final Season Key Art Designs
Character posters for the final season of HBO's True Blood.
When HBO announced the upcoming 7th season will be True Blood’s final season, I knew I had to do something for the series that I’ve been watching for the past six years. First, I only placed 2 vampire characters in a coffin, assuming one of them won’t survive the series, given the fact of they’re part of a love triangle. Then I posted these posters on Instagram. Out of blue, some True Blood fans start commenting, liking and reposting these all over the internet. Then I decided to do other characters as well and in the end I completed 10 main characters over the course of a month. The feedbacks were amazing, even Ryan Kwanten saw the posters and reposted his own character’s on his personal Instagram account. The posters went viral in the True Blood fan community and got thousands of responses and likes which was a really big achievement for me. 
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