Twin Peaks Revival Posters
Poster designs for Showtime's revival of the cult classic Twin Peaks.
I'm a huge fan of Twin Peaks. Like "i want to be buried in Snoqualmie, WA when i'm dead" huge. So the latest news of the show's revival on Showtime after 25 years was the best entertainment news that i could ever get. (Well that and a Friends reunion) 
The information about the revival is still unknown (who's gonna return? etc.) and the series didn't even went into production yet, so i had limited resources. But since Kyle Maclachlan's Special Agent Dale Cooper was and always will be a key player to the series i decided to use him and get creative from that. (Also he kinda hinted that he'll be back on his twitter account)
The imaginery of the "Black Lodge" version talks to the already established fanbase of the series while the others are talking more to general audiences.
The Black Lodge Version
The White Lodge Version
The Red Room Version
Teaser Poster
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